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Sunday, 21 July 2013

LifeCycle in Avonmouth

Being put through my paces at LifeCycle on the bike rodeo...

There's a lot of paper work being an MP, and anyone who knows me (especially my long-suffering caseworker) will tell you that I'm none too keen on paperwork.

However, the job does have its significant perks ( and no, I don't mean the type of perks that hit headlines and involve moats).  In the last year I've been caving ( which I never thought I'd do) and abseiling down Avon Gorge. This weekend, I got to do a 'bike rodeo' which was a first, with the superb group,  Life Cycle   who held an event at Avonmouth Community Centre to get local young people on their bikes, swapping bikes, getting their bikes fixed, and generally celebrating the joy and benefits of life on two-wheels.

It was a packed, popular event, and I was told how at least three children had taken their stabilizers off for the first time that day. Well done and thanks to all of those who introduced more kids to life on two wheels. Being on a bike this size reminded me of happy hazy days as a ten year old on my BMX, with home-made ramps in the car-park and playing field and constantly grazed knees...  I think the ten year old me may have put me to shame on the Bike Rodeo too...

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