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Monday, 22 July 2013

A magic garden for Brenty's children

With the outstanding garden creator, Mike Follett.
I have bizarrely vivid memories of when I was very little. Colours, shapes and textures all meant a lot - a lot more than they do as a grown-up. So I've always found it little wonder that exposing young children to a variety of inputs like this is vitally important to their learning and development.

The brand new garden at Brentry Children's Centre - now a centre of excellence for early years -  is a little-learner's paradise. It was designed by special early-years garden designer, Mike Follett. Mike has used random objects from the reclamation yard to make a practical, fascinating, varied, suitably 'risky' outdoor learning environment for the children - of all ages, and learning abilities, including those with SEN and many who did not have a garden at home.   I was honoured to open the new garden - and it was particularly gratifying seeing the children rush into their new play space and immediately get busy (and wet) with the gargoyle water-feature. It was a gloriously hot day, perfect to make the most of the garden . I had to tear myself away from the cold drinks, cakes and water-feature - but thanks to all for a lovely afternoon, and congratulations to all involved.

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