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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

For England and St. George!

If there is one thing that unites all three mainstream political parties, it is concern over the grip that the BNP is gaining over the country, and sadly, in some parts of Bristol. But on the other hand, how encouraging to see our great national identity celebrated so strongly by our local City and County of Bristol branch of The Royal Society of St.George.

Attending their AGM, ( and enjoying a very good dinner afterwards, as you can see.) I realised what a valuable force The Royal Society of St. George can be against the dangerous rise of organisations like the BNP. The BNP often gain a foot-hold because people want a way to express the kind of national pride that political correctness has forced out. People are concerned that England's triumphs are being written out of the school history curriculum, to be replaced by the encouragement of a national guilt complex. People want to celebrate things that are English, and the values that have held our country together: tolerance, determination and discipline.

The Royal Society of St.George provides an opportunity and an outlet for people to celebrate Englishness in a completely positive way. And it does not celebrate English values in words alone: The chairman, Dennis Stinchcombe MBE has been instrumental in instilling the English values of tolerance, discipline and respect into countless young people through his Riverside Youth Project and boxing club. It is organisations like the Royal Society of St.George that are our best weapon against the dangerous and prejudiced so-called nationalism of parties like the BNP.

I had a wonderful and uplifting evening at the society's AGM - and I encourage anyone proud of their country to join this vibrant society. You can join up by emailing the secretary, Jonathan Price, on . It's time to reclaim the Union Jack and St.George's cross from the dangerous prejudice of parties like the BNP, and prove that national pride is not racist.

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