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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Swift(ish) Political Descent for Homestart

Unashamedly chuffed I made it down the cliff-face in one piece
My political descent down Avon Gorge in aid of the superb charity Homestart wasn't perhaps quite as swift as I had intended.

I'd agreed to do an abseil to raise money for this charity which supports parents in looking after their young children, often in challenging circumstances. It makes a world of difference to both parents and children, and provides invaluable friendship and support to families - all through volunteers, who themselves say they gain so much from the experience too.

Thankfully, it was a gorgeous (no pun intended) sunny day for it and the view from the top of the Gorge, all the way out the the estuary glittering in the distance, with the Clifton Suspension Bridge behind us was simply beautiful.

Things became a little less serene when it came to walking backwards off a very high rockface, which suddenly seemed a lot higher, the closer you went to the edge. I'd been feeling quite cocky and full of bravado, but then my legs let me down with an undignified fit of the shakes as I made my way over the ledge. However, the staff were amazing, very reassuring and about a third of the way down the face, it became a pleasure. The political competition was really on as our Mayor, George Ferguson, was the only other elected person nuts enough to walk down a rock-face on a rope. Who's political descent was faster? Hard to say! and let's leave it at that!

There is still time to sponsor me. Please support Home Start which makes such a difference to so many people's lives.

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