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Friday, 15 May 2009

Read my Daily Telegraph article on MPs Expenses

The Daily Telegraph rang up and asked what I felt about the expenses fiasco as a prospective MP. You can read what I wrote about it HERE


Anonymous said...

Duty? Service?

Yes, for service - bring back National Service. Let no-one be exempt. If we expect the state to serve us, then we must serve the state, as a Nation.

Duty, duty to what? Where do our duties lie? A duty implies a moral or legal obligation. I may dutiful to my employer, I may be dutiful to my wife. Where else should I be beautiful (or dutiful)?

Who are you? Who am I?

Why should I not vote BNP?

Anonymous said...

MPs should be kicked out of the party if they have taken to much expences say I the JUDGE, BRISTOL NORTH WEST,today not at the end of the tearm of office no pension just the same rights as anyone walking out of prision for a crime against the State. signed a good tory party member AGBRIMM