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Friday, 1 May 2009

Help support David from Brentry in the Special Olympics

I was tipped off by Rose, who seems to know just about everything that's going on in Henbury, to go into the flower shop on Crow Lane and talk to the lady in there whose son has autism and plays judo with the KoDachi Special Needs Judo Club in Southvill.

So I did. It turns out that David Woodland ( pictured, middle, ) has autism has been offered a place at the Special Olympics. It's a huge achievement and fantastic news - except for one thing: As anyone who has done international sporting competition knows, it can cost. And David and his family really need help to cover the costs of all the kit, travel and accommodation of the Special Olympics GB, in July, and in the international competitions David has to attend in leading up to it. They told me they'll have to raise around £800-£1000. They've already given up holidays, luxuries and going out to support David, and David has done a sponsored judo-throw to raise funds.

But there's still a long way to go. If you'd like to sponsor David, either get in touch with me, ( or the KoDachi Special Needs Judo Club secretary Helen Goodchild on 01275 874547. Or alternatively, go into the flower shop on Crow Lane to find out more...

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