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Thursday, 19 February 2009

TS Cafe - putting the 'T' into, er, tea

Starbucks may be losing megabucks, but TS Cafe, on the high street in Shirehampton, just opposite the bus stop on the triangle was crammed full when I went in for a sneaky cup of tea before a SCAF meeting today.

And little wonder. The cafe offers a wide range of food from proper hot dinners to breakfasts and salads in a clean and friendly environment at really reasonable prices.

Shirehampton has been stripped of so many community facilities in recent years - and shutters are going up on so many of the stores in the high street - including of course, Woolworths. It is hugely encouraging to see a business like TS Cafe doing so well, and justifiably so.

Keep it up, TS Cafe team!

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