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Monday, 16 February 2009

Smelters' new boxing club on the brink of completion

The National Smelting Boxing Club's new gym is on the brink of completion. The club has raised over £60,000 for the new gym, so that it can offer boxing to the ever growing number of young men ( and women!) who want to take up the sport.

On Thursday night, as President of the Club, I went to the Smelting Club's big amateur boxing tournament which the club put on to raise the final few thousand left to complete their new gym.

It was a brilliant evening - everything was superbly organised and the evening was a real success. Pictured, is Tom Connors from the National Smelting Club taking on Dean Dodge from Yeovil. At half time, we were treated to a very professional performance from a local dance group. There was something for everyone.

We're yet to hear what was raised, but it's another step towards completion of a building that will not only house a sport, but will help build young people's lives.

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