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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lamplighters Roast - one of Bristol's best kept secrets

...If you carry on down Hung road, on the south side of the Portway, you find the superb Lamplighters Pub.

There's something a bit other-worldly about the Lamplighters as you walk down to it - it's so unexpected and has an aura of real history about it. And as you walk outside, you find yourself over looking the mudflats of the estuary, fishing boats, and the club house of Shirehampton Sailing Club.

But they also do a really superb roast - pictured, steaming away merrily, here. Its so good, you'll note my eyes have turned red with anticipation. No mean slices of meat, they serve a half chicken, dripping in gravy, with all sorts of veg, and two kinds of potatoes. And as I was ordering, the bar staff brought bowels of Yorkshire pud bits out as bar snacks for customers.

As we all become ever more health conscious, I commend to you the health values of the great British Roast - full of protein, and I should think this plate contains a hefty proportion of my 5-a-day. Healthy eating doesn't have to be depressing looking salads, as this meal shows. Our great British roast is as healthy a meal as any! Long may it reign in our pubs!


Anonymous said...

A number of your posts seem to be about pubs.

Is there something we should be told?

Charlotte Leslie said...

!! :-)

Well, yes actually there is. Our local pubs are closing at the rate of approximately 5 per day.

They were hit by a 4p tax rise per pint on beer in the 2008 budget, then a further 3p rise in the autumn whilst the VAT cut was temporarily introduced until January 2010. But when it is reversed in January, the increase on beer will remain unchanged.

If this carries on, one of the great establishments of our nation will be seriously under threat.

And will the demise of pubs solve alcohol problems? No. People will just buy more, cheaper booze from supermarkets and drink it in isolation, at home, or in public places and parks.

High alcohol drinks like alcopops should be taxed more; popular beers and ciders left alone, and low alcohol beer and cider taxed less.

I love our pub heritage. I love pub grub and I would hate to see our traditional pub culture die under a combination of mislead and damaging political correctness, and the blind and brutal hammer of Taxman Brown.

What do you think?