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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Guardian blog update - Bullying isn't funny

The tough stance taken on the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2 Broadcast is an important stand against bullying and for the forgotten value of empathy.

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1 comment:

Dave Gould said...

You're right about the lack of empathy within our society and among the many causes are:
- climate of fear
- demonisation and subsequent disaffection of youth
- society unwilling to intervene and instead looking to govt/police to fix
- lack of moral leadership
- people mistaking capitalism for a personal philosophy

One should not blame Bland & Ross for these however. Their job is to shock, to break taboos, to ridicule. That is what a comedian does.

I wonder if xenophobia played a part in the selection of Andrew Sachs.

I also wonder if Bland on his own might have got away with it having developed a reputation as being young, crazy and cutting-edge.

The biggest question is why Ross is worth £4.5m of license payer's money...