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Saturday, 3 May 2008

carbo-loading for the connoisseur

It's two days before the dreaded Bristol 10k, for which I have, through a combination of injury and diary-saturation, managed to do next to no training whatsoever. ( NOT recommended.)

The Inn on the Green on Filton Road in Horfield is hosting a massive bank-holiday weekend-long beer festival. I have written elsewhere of how there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good beer, responsibly. So it is without apology that I go to carbo-load before the Big Day at The Inn on the Green, and sample some of their huge array of Britain's finest beers.

And what a selection: I'm afraid I have managed to lose the wonderful menu that we were given as we went into the pub, but I sampled such delights as The Guzzler, a lovely well balanced ale called "The Reverend James" (as I recall), and a very stylish little number brewed from Irish whisky.

In true English style, the gazebo tent blew away, and a live band played songs by 'Madness' as the smell of barbecued burgers and hotdogs wafted through our hair and adhered to our clothes. It's what a bank holiday weekend should be: There was little real drunkenness ( we had one half-pint glass which we had to queue up to get re-filled, and real beer is much harder to drink a lot of, fast than alcopops...) but a lot of friends were made, and a host of local brewers celebrated for their craft.

I am sure I am going to run stormingly come Monday... Thanks, Inn on the Green - keep the beer festival afloat!

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sparco gimenez said...

Hi there. Nice blog. Base from experience, its a must to eat something before drinking.. there's a big chance that i dont get drunk that quick. :)