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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bristol 10K for Jessie May...

It was only 10k, but after disastrously little training it felt like a marathon.

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me for my 10k for The Jessie May Trust - I have so far managed to raise just over £500 to help support families of children with terminal illnesses.

I don't want to get all schmulchy, but reading about the work The Jessie May Trust does is pretty sobering. It makes you realise how much most of us take our families for granted. (As a child, I certainly did. My mum used to trek about taking me swimming training at Easton leisure centre at ungodly hours in the morning and I used to thank her by being in a foul temper through most of my teenage years) But seeing the work that The Jessie May Trust does with families who may not have that much longer together makes you think again.

The race may be over, but the fundraising certainly isn't! You can still sponsor me clicking HERE If you think you ever might have taken your family for granted - give some support to families who simply can't afford to take a single day together for granted.

1 comment:

Mehreen said...

Well done Charlotte. Great effort and a great cause.