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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Avon Talking Magazines for the Blind - 40th Anniversary!

Drinking tea with Cynthia for a good cause. Yes, tough, I know

The Avon Talking Magazine for the Blind  is one of those unsung, but exceptional charities that makes such a difference to so many peoples' lives on a daily basis.

Cynthia Reynolds has for many years not had to press-gang me into coming to fund raising events - often wonderful teas like this one, to support an incredibly valuable cause.

signing the 'Avon Talking Magazine Tablecloth' (nicely posed)
This year they held a very special event to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the organisation.
Signing the Avon Talking Magazine Tablecloth - in reality

Services like this can make all the difference to those with limited sight and blindness, in a world that can otherwise seem very hostile and self-referential and sufficient.

Star-studded guest list - Our Lord Mayor & Cllr Chris Windows
The hall was packed and we were lucky to welcome the Lord Mayor and other celebs such as the notorious ( in a good way) Cllr. Chris Windows from Henbury, over some excellent cake, and a cup of tea - served impeccably by the superb team from Avon Talking Books for the Blind. 

I got to sign a magnificent table-cloth, with embroidered signatures from many supporters over the years, all beautifully done by Cynthia Reynolds.

Thank you to Cynthia and the whole team not only for a beautiful tea, but for all the extraordinary work you do year in, year out, to change people's worlds. Inspiration.  

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Shirley Robbins said...

I am a avolunteer for the Avon Talking Magazine for the Blind and have been for a number of years. Was browsing to find our Website and found this info left by Charlotte Leslie. I was at this tea she mentioned. I would also like to add to this that we are urgently need of more volunteers to enable us to carry on. Please contact us if you can help. Telephone us on 0117 952 5121 if you can help us in any way. If you only have one morning a fortnight or month it can help. We are urgently in need of drivers who would deliver the listening equipment. Also People to help with the mechanical side of it. If you have spare time we can find you a job. Thank you. Shirley Robbins