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Friday, 17 May 2013

After years of campaigning... finally launching Teach First in Bristol!

I was a bit humbled to be asked to speak at the launch of Teach First in Bristol.
I've learnt in politics that it pays to bang on. and on. and on. and if you're in doubt, bang on again...

Back in 2008, I submitted a report to the organisation Teach First,  which selects high-flying graduates and trains them as teachers to go into the most challenging schools in the country.

I'd seen the amazing effect Teach First had in London and other areas and being a bit pushy for Bristol, wanted Bristol to have some of the action. So I wrote a short report outlining the challenges Bristol's schools faced, and why we needed Teach First to come to Bristol.

To my amazement, they didn't tell me simply to bog off. They told me it was difficult. They'd have to get it right - that expanding without diluting the quality of the offering was important. Lots of things. So meetings ensued and I got people from Teach First to come to Bristol, we set up meetings and got Teach First to meet with some movers and shakers in Bristol's educational world.

Now, around five years down the line, thanks very largely to the superb work of Catherine Hughes, head of St. Bede's School in Lawrence Weston, Teach First has finally come to Bristol and had it's launch event on 16th May.  It was an amazing event for several reasons;  First, it hopefully heralds an exciting time in Bristol education ; second it was the fulfilment of so much work from so many people like Catherine Hughes, and finally, it was a heartening demonstration that if you persist , sometimes things really do work out.

I met an inspiring and superb set of Teach First teachers that evening. I'm so excited they're coming to our Bristol Schools, and wish everyone the very best!

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