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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Southmead's picnic protest

Despite a shabby August, it has been a summer of big picnics. But that's because this summer is the time to respond to the Council's consultation on the Parks and Green Spaces strategy. The strategy's aim was to sell off disposable land in order to raise money to enhance the rest. Nothing wrong with that. Except that much of the land that the Council has earmarked as potentially 'disposable' and up for development is anything but to the communities who live in the area.

The old Dunmail School site on Lanercost Road is a case in point - a school that the area now would much need was demolished, but now the Council have earmarked the land for possible housing or traveler site development.

The community turned out in force to make the point that the site is not of low value or disposable - the community is doing all it can to make its voice heard. The Council has said it is listening to local people - the community is hoping that listening will mean acting on what they have to say.


The good news is that at a meeting with the Council Officer in charge of the process, I asked whether the Council's very impenetrable consultation forms were the only form of response that the Council would accept. Thankfully he confirmed that the Council would accept any form of submission to the Consultation.

The Council told me that the most helpful thing is to look at the strategy ( you can see it at local libraries, and online) and comment on specifics, with your opinion always backed up with facts ( eg. traffic, access, local infrastructure etc) - and also put forward some positive ideas of your own. - That's the best way to get your voice heard.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Roger Lowrey here we put lots, of positive proposals, forward all ignored. Our Civil servents, have to be reminded who pays there wages
We put forward ideas that included travellers, we never excluded them,
Planning system was manipulated, meetings were held so that I couldn't get there, No one listened to the people of South Liberty Lane.
When Bristol City Council has made it's mind up, it has the great advantage, of being able to play the system.
If you think a pitch is one caravan , think again, it can be SIX, all packed close together, in away Building Regs won't alow on a residential site, but ok on a travellers site, That's just one example of the " in your face" manipulation, that goes on.