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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Caleb's campaign

Sometimes you come across a person, or an event, that makes you stop and reassess things completely. Shielmor Twomey, the lady pictured next to me here, is one of those people.
When she came to see me, she explained that her son, Caleb, had committed suicide just months earlier, in January of this year. He was a lovely, bright, popular young man, who was pursuing a career in modeling - as you can see from the photo of him on the bench. But he had started taking ketamin, and he reacted so badly to it that in January, he took his own life.

His mum has bravely soldiered on, and is now starting a campaign, which I am helping her with, to raise awareness about the dangers of ketamin. This afternoon, on College Green, we unveiled a bench dedicated to Caleb, and let fly 28 balloons - one for each year of his life - with his family and friends. I've tabled an EDM ( Early Day Motion) and Caleb's mum is launching her campaign to try to prevent anyone else from going through anything like this.


Anonymous said...

how about instead of trying to criminalise depressed people by charging them with a class A drug you campaign to have better support for eppileptics and support groups for ketamine users? tacking the root of the problem not misinform the general public that ketamine will depress and kill you.

Shielmor Twomey. said...

Dear Anonymous . You obviously haven't read the review on legislating ketamine .May I suggest you go to:

Ketamine does depress users' as it did with my beautiful son Caleb.

BDP (Bristol Drugs Project)supports' and helps ketamine users . As for epileptics i'm already doing something for them . Very soon they will know not to take recreation drugs along with their epilim etc.

Ess Twomey said...

Please note the website ketamineawareness-calebs is no longer running. You can find me Shielmor Twomey on Facebook,Twitter,Youtube, LinkedIn and various other sites. To find these Google my name.

Ess Twomey said...

Please note the website is no longer running. You can find me on: You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other websites. To find them Google my name - Shielmor Twomey.

A massive thank you to Charlotte for being the foundation to the success of our Ketamine Awareness Campaign. In my son Caleb's name.