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Thursday, 11 March 2010

A bit of a break from the norm...

Yes, I know, there has been a scarcity of blog posts recently, for the simple reason that by the time I get back to my computer after a day out doing things, there's a stack of email related stuff to do and updating the blog is always the thing that is next on the list to do at the point when I decide to call it a day and get some sleep.

BUT... this video I got sent prompted me to a quick blog - and a break from the political norm, since we're all going to be getting so much politics over the next few weeks.

It's my mum. She's 60 ( and won't thank me for advertising that fact) but has taken up Street Dancing. I'm not sure what our generation is going to be like when we get to that age, but the Baby Boomers just seem to keep on going! See if you can spot her. ( Hint, she's in the dark t-shirt in the middle and knocks someone in the face by accident at the end. Well done, mum. )

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