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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

5 Years of SCAF! ( and a bit more)

The SCAF ( Shirehampton Community Action Forum) AGM was a bit more than just an AGM - it was a celebration of 5 years ( though probably a bit more) of the organisation formally functioning, and we all enjoyed a buffet, courtesy of Kingsweston House, afterwards.

This is such an efficient and dynamic community group that it is easy to forget that the members are not all highly paid professionals. And what really came home to me during the meeting is that community groups like this can represent their local area in a way that politicians seldom can. They are in touch with their community because they are made up of their community, and are not bound by the politics of politics. Organisations like SCAF demonstrate so clearly that the state really cannot manage everything - and that nothing can replace local groups, made up of proactive, concerned residents. Everything should be done to allow groups like SCAF to thrive.

Another date for your diaries - The SCAF Christmas dinner is on November 29th, at Kingsweston House - just £15 for a sumptious meal in one of the best dining locations in Bristol. You can't say fairer! You can get tickets from Ash Bearman at Shirehampton Hall. (email: )

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