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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Lions hand-over a roaring evening. (cringe. sorry.)

That's an appalling pun - but I'm afraid it was a roaring evening. Bristol Brunel Lions ( with Bradley Stoke Lions) had their annual hand-over dinner. Lion John Taylor handed over his chairmanship to Lion Bill o'Neill, and I was inducted as a member - and as promised, it didn't hurt a bit.

It's hard to grasp the extent of the Lions Club international and the work it does. Amongst its achievements:

  • Thousands being able to see better by way of our used spectacle collections.
  • Many children having a holiday for the first time.
  • Parents of terminally ill children receiving respite.
  • Hundreds of children learning to read/write via "Schools in a Box" sponsored.
  • Enabling local children to learn with specially adapted computers.
  • Thousands feeling more secure due to their "Message in a Bottle" scheme.
  • Many smiling faces, children and parents, due to our Carol Float.
  • Great social events with shedloads of fun and fellowship.
Bristol Brunel Lions are in their 39th year. They've done huge amounts of work in that time- but you know what they say... life begins at 40. Roar-on.

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