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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Green but getting lost? Not anymore!

Can I recommend an amazing website I was told about the other day?

What does it do? It untangles all those hundreds of confusing bus route documents and rail timetables, park and ride locations etc; This is your one-stop-shop for getting around the city by public transport.

I've not seen anything like this before. So simple. So effective!
A brilliant idea, bookmark it now and tell all your friends!

All very happy and smiley on the bus, here. But little did I know I was going in completely the wrong direction... I should have looked at, yes, !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Tories do not care about the poor (I'm sure some individuals within the Tory party care about the poor, but as a party they do not) - and I seem to remember it was the Liberal Democrats who raised this issue when the budget was released last year. Similarly, it was the Lib Dems who wanted to scrap the 10p rate by raising personal allowances so that millions more of the lowest paid people paid no tax at all.