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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Boycott Cadburys

I will be boycotting Cadbury's products in protest against the decision to close down the Cadbury factory in Keynsham. It's not an excuse to diet after Christmas excess: Closing the factory is against the ethos of its founders who were Quakers, is a blow for Bristol and for Britishness. We produce some of the finest chocolate in the world. Australian and American friends ask me to send them British-made Cadburys because nothing else can compare. Cadbury bosses should realise that it is that kind of quality that has made Cadbury's the success it is today. I cannot see that relocating the factory to Poland makes any financial sense at all. It is bad business sense, bad for Bristol and bad for chocolate lovers everywhere.


Woodsy said...

"We produce some of the finest chocolate in the world."

We may do Charlotte, but is any of it made by Cadbury? Most chocolate produced in the UK is utter rubbish and fit only for use as tile grout: give me continental chocolate any day!

Anonymous said...

Surely the reason for relocation is economic. Free market system means business goes where costs are cheapest, and workers go where wages are highest (hence number's of Poles in the UK at the moment)

I thoguht Tories were pro-market - so shouldn't you support this?