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Monday, 17 December 2007

Southmead Carol Bus bonanza

I have to admit, I thought it was real snow, when I approached the Southmead Carol Bus. ( I know, I know...) But it wasn't a completely stupid assumption, it was just the weather for snow, and what with the carols and everything... it seemed wrong that it wouldn't be snowing... On closer inspection, I enjoyed the foam snow that followed the Southmead Carol Bus.

I'd like to congratulate Cliff Howells from Southmead Pride and all those involved in organising the Southmead Carol Bus this year. I followed the bus’s procession on Friday night as it drove up
Greystoke Avenue in a flurry bright lights. It stopped outside the shops to be met by crowds of families and even fireworks. Not only does the Southmead Carol Bus appeal raise much needed money for local projects - this year the proceeds are going to the NSPCC and Sports in Southmead for Kids- but the Southmead Carol Bus embodies the spirit of Christmas. It brings light and carols (and snow, if you don't look too closely) to old and young alike. Children and families were able to follow the procession and meet Father Christmas when the bus stopped, and those who found it harder to leave their house were able to enjoy the bus's carols from their windows.

Uniting people, reaching out to old and young, families and the lonely, lightening up darkness, this is surely what Christmas is all about. It is heartening to see the Southmead Carol Bus raising money for such good causes in a really traditional way, and at the same time bringing the real values of Christmas alive, which can be shared everyone, regardless of race, religion or age.

If you want to donate to the 2007 Carol Bus appeal, go to or visit Cliff's Florists on
Greystoke Avenue in Southmead for more information.

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