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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Top of the Blogs:

We sometimes wonder if blog readers get a bit fed up with hearing about what has been going in Bristol all the time. So from now on, we will be sharing with you our pick of what's going on in the papers and on the blogs. Top of the blogs, if you like. You'll still get the usual updates on Bristol issues, but interspersed with selections from blogs, the papers and other websites. Enjoy!

Webcameron: David Cameron’s speech on demographic change

Coffee House: Matthew D’Ancona on ‘Gove skewers Gordan’

Platform 10: Michael Lynas on ‘The Littlest things’

Conservativehome: Poll in Independent gives Conservatives a two seat majority in an election.

Daily Telegraph: Michael Gove on ‘What has Ed Balls got against excellence?’

Spectator: Fraser Neslon on ‘Cameron means business on welfare…’

Platform 10: ‘Today has been cancelled!’

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