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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


It strikes me I've been a bit unfair on the open-air water sports scene in Bristol. Is this the heart of France? North Italy? or Scandinavian lakes? Nope, this is Henleaze.

Henleaze Lakes - one of Bristol's best kept secrets, and most exclusive swimming clubs. If you, like me, are thinking 'I fancy a bit of that', I'm afraid you're going to have to wait some time. There's a waiting list to get on the waiting list.

It is maintained and run by a dedicated team of volunteers, who clear it out in the winter and maintain it in the summer. That's no mean task. The maintenance committee get nothing for their work except the satisfaction of seeing the lake flourish, and the enjoyment of the fruits of their labour.

If only more of our community facilities were run like that. Local people taking responsibility for their locality. Take away the red tape, trust people to manage their own affairs, give ownership back to communities and things go, (sorry, got to say it) swimmingly.

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