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Sunday, 22 July 2007

A stronger Breeze

So I hear that Cafe Breeze, on Henleaze Road, is planning to expand into the next door gift shop - offering more table space and a new array of gifts. Congratulations! Cafe Breeze is another cafe-gem in Bristol North West's crown of places to eat, drink and sit and read the papers. Continuing in the cafe-pub review section of my blog, let me tell readers who've not yet been to Cafe Breeze, what they're missing:

I don't think I've ever walked into Cafe Breeze and had a choice of more than three tables. It is always packed. And with good reason.
The mochas come in tall glasses, layered, like those fudge cakes called things like 'death by chocolate'.

It may not offer the stout fagots and mash fare of the Cookie in Lockleaze, (see below) but it serves up both exceptionally good coffee and a full menu of good, unobtrusively cosmopolitan breakfast-lunch food. It serves abundant frothy cappuccinos, and probably the best mochas I have ever had. The mochas come in tall glasses, layered, like those fudge cakes called things like 'death by chocolate'. There is cream on top, and then they sprinkle on chocolate flakes that go shiny and melt slowly into the cream when you touch them with your spoon. ...but enough of that. If it's lunch you're after, they have a wide range of salads, hot and cold food- and my particular favourite, huge, hearty bowls of soup with great doorsteps of bread.

I'm delighted Cafe Breeze are branching out. But they're going to have to watch it- they're going to have to guard their gift-shop space jealously otherwise people like me will set up camp with a paper and a mocha amongst the gift-section.

There are lots of non-chain cafes in Bristol that make Nero and Starbucks look like a doctor's waiting room! Support local business and tell me if there is a cafe I should visit. Post a comment below, or email me at

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Peta said...

with you on the mochas. Also try the bacon and avocado baked potato.